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Community Keynote - Leveraging Networks to Shift Paradigms & Bridge the Divide

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Mercredi 3 juin 2020

11:00 - 12:00
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Événements d'association , Bâtir des passerelles
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No one person or sector will be able to ameliorate the impacts and issues facing our community; it will take all citizens, sectors and networks working collaboratively. Leveraging the collective power of networks is the best way to create positive impact in our communities. When the three pillars of nonprofit, business and government come together to share resources, exchange knowledge and create meaningful connections, we can build an engaged, inclusive and vibrant community. Leveraging the collective power of networks, we have an opportunity to shift paradigms, bridge the divide and rebuild our communities for a better world for all.

Conférenciers :
  • Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network